miércoles, 20 de septiembre de 2017

International Festival Sabor A Cabo in Quivira Los Cabos 2017 (Taste Like Cabo Festival)

Sabor a Cabo this 2017 will have place in Quivira Los Cabos 


This year in December 2017 Quivira Los Cabos taste like Cabo festival, we feel honor to host the international festival of SABOR A CABO, as you all know CANIRAC, Los Cabos Delegation is the starting platform for Sabor a Cabo, an event created 100% by Los Cabos restaurateurs, who over the years have included wine and tequila houses.

Each restaurant participates with an impressive sample of their iconic recipes and chefs have the opportunity to cater to the more than 3 thousand people who attend. Sabor a Cabo has also invited chefs of international stature with Estrella Michelin, such as: Dieter Koschina, Enrique Olvera, Richard Sandoval, among others.

The main goal from the outset is to support local charities. For more than 10 years everything collected in Sabor a Cabo - Magno Event is donated to charities working for this destination.

Get your tickets at; 
143-3944   ticket@caniracloscabos.com