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Ready to move in House For Sale, Copala At Quivira Los Cabos

Anui Ocean View
House For Sale, Copala At Quivira Los Cabos 3161.61 Sq. Ft. 2
Upgrades Pool, Fire Pit - Roof Top, Jacuzzi, BBQ.
3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom, $684 000 

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The   luxurious homes and condominiums at Copala Los Cabos are carefully designed to complement and enhance the breathtaking landscape, and the details of each dwelling will seduce your senses. We expertly meld luxury living with contemporary Mexican decor and upscale finishing touches; your residence will serve as an exclusive escape.



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Thanksgiving Day 2016

Thanksgiving Day in the United States, is traditionally a holiday to give thanks for the food collected at the end of the harvest season.

Pilgrims held their second Thanksgiving celebration in 1623 to mark the end of a long drought that had threatened the year’s harvest and prompted Governor Bradford to call for a religious fast. Days of fasting and thanksgiving on an annual or occasional basis became common practice in other New England settlements as well. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress designated one or more days of thanksgiving a year, and in 1789 George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation by the national government of the United States; in it, he called upon Americans to express their gratitude for the happy conclusion to the country’s war of independence and the successful ratification of the U.S. Constitution. His successors John Adams and James Madison also designated days of thanks during their presidencies.
In 1817, New York became the first of several states to officially adopt an annual Thanksgiving holiday; each celebrated it on a different day, however, and the American South remained largely unfamiliar with the tradition. In 1827, the noted magazine editor and prolific writer Sarah Josepha Hale—author, among countless other things, of the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb”—launched a campaign to establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday. For 36 years, she published numerous editorials and sent scores of letters to governors, senators, presidents and other politicians. Abraham Lincoln finally heeded her request in 1863, at the height of the Civil War, in a proclamation entreating all Americans to ask God to “commend to his tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife” and to “heal the wounds of the nation.” He scheduled Thanksgiving for the final Thursday in November, and it was celebrated on that day every year until 1939, when Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the holiday up a week in an attempt to spur retail sales during the Great Depression. Roosevelt’s plan, known derisively as Franksgiving, was met with passionate opposition, and in 1941 the president reluctantly signed a bill making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November.


In many American households, the Thanksgiving celebration has much of its original religious significance; it centers on cooking and sharing a bountiful meal with family and friends. Turkey, a Thanksgiving staple so ubiquitous it has become all but synonymous with the holiday, may or may not have been on offer when the Pilgrims hosted the inaugural feast in 1621. Today, however, nearly 90 percent of Americans eat the bird—whether roasted, baked or deep-fried—on Thanksgiving, according to the National Turkey Federation. Other traditional foods include stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Volunteering is a common Thanksgiving Day activity, and communities often hold food drives and host free dinners for the less fortunate.

¿What are you grateful for today?

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Cabo San Lucas As destination...

When planning a vacation, one of the main goals is to make the most of your time and get to know the most important places in the city you visit and come back home full of stories and memories. Apart from the contrasting beauties found in Los Cabos, this heavenly destination offers endless fun activities for all the family. 

A walk by Cabo San Lucas Marina is a not-to-be-missed activity on your next visit to Los Cabos.if you’re looking for a truly familiar moment, on Sundays from 7am till 11am the Lázaro Cardenas Avenue turns into a place where tons of families get together to walk, run, ride their bikes, walk their pets or take a Zumba, Dance or Muay Thai class. Come with all your family and enjoy while you boost yourself and get in action. 
More info at their Facebook page: Ciclovía Recreativa Los Cabos.

What a great place to relax, and perfect destination to create great memories, going back home will now have another sense or perception on how wonderful vacation can be, you have not just found a great place to relax but have found your second home.
More info at their Facebook page:

The Lighthouse more than 100 years old commonly known as El Faro Viejo, “The Old Lighthouse”.  One photo dates back to 1905. The designer and executor of construction of this lighthouse was the engineer Joaquín Gómez Palacios, a native of Madrid, Spain.
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Eat, go out at night, meet great people, fall in love with the Cabo Nature

Dine under the stars at Cabo's premier restaurant featuring fresh local seafood, steak and authentic Mexican cuisine, watch your steak and seafood being prepared in their open air kitchen while enjoying your cesar salad made table side...
After dinner enjoy their famous Banana's flambe änd flaming Mexican coffee, both made table side. Get to know more;

Out at night any place you have decide to go to will always be the right choice, it's fun time, downtown or in a boat you will have as much fun as you can have, Cabo night life is one of the greatest in Mexico, make sure you stop by the Squid Roe and Cabo Wabo to know more about your new hometown. 

 Meet great people, fall in love with the Cabo Nature
Here we are Cabo was meant to be, the nature around us is amazing, beatiful, from a to z, all you need to do it's to get here, it's time to make it happen, dont wait for it, begin by creating great memories, the would last forever...


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Coronado at Quivira Los Cabos


Coronado is located right in
the heart of the Quivira Development, it will enable its owners and their
guests to enjoy many of the five-star services and amenities offered by this
spectacular Development
which has: over three miles of pristine beaches, extensive hiking and walking
paths, a beach club and several of the best dining options in Los Cabos area,
award-winning spas and high-tech gym equipment area available.

This magnificent 22-acre
subdivision includes 64 single level Mexican Hacienda-Style homes which
artfully blend tradition with a touch of modern features, each single-level
residence will offer fantastic golf and ocean views. You will find Coronado to
be perfectly suited to your needs.

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Great Financing Without a bank involved

Without a bank involved, our investors and members earn more by paying less.

We're honored to offer our residents a financing package which is unique throughout all of Mexico. Exclusively at Copala, owners can enjoy direct financing from the Quivira/Pueblo Bonito group. Our packages are offered with15-year terms and very attractive interest rates, and will be custom-tailored to suit your individual needs. Financing is available in U.S. dollars and Mexican pesos, and is customized to accommodate varying down payments, balloon payments, and more. What you can envision, we can create. Our finance experts are available to discuss your specific goals, and will assist you every step of the way to make your Copala dreams a reality.Contact us to schedule an appointment with a finance agent at your convenience.

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Official Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday

Official Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

For a few hundred years, Thanksgiving was celebrated in either late October or early November, before it was declared a national holiday in 1879. It was then, that November 6th was set aside as the official Thanksgiving holiday. But then on January 31st, 1957, Canadian Parliament announced that on the second Monday in October, Thanksgiving would be "a day of general thanksgiving to almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed." Thanksgiving was moved to the second Monday in October because after the World Wars,Remembrance Day (November 11th) and Thanksgiving kept falling in the same week. This year Canadian Thanksgiving is October 10th!

The 49th Parallel

Another reason for Canadian Thanksgiving arriving earlier than its American counterpart is that Canada is geographically further north than the United States, causing the Canadian harvest season to arrive earlier than the American harvest season. And since Thanksgiving for Canadians is more about giving thanks for the harvest season than the arrival of pilgrims, it makes sense to celebrate the holiday in October. So what are the differences between Canadian and American Thanksgiving, other than the date? Not much! Both Canadians and Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with parades, family gatherings, pumpkin pie and a whole lot of turkey!
Have Your Say
Let us know all about your Thanksgiving plans!

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5 Ways to Keep Your Passport Safe When Traveling…

There are easy ways to avoid losing or damaging your passport. And those pickpockets won’t stand a chance.
What passports lack in size, they more than make up for in stature. With them, we board planes, trains, and ships, and cross borders (mostly) freely—after all, a U.S. passport alone allows visa-free entry to 174 countries. Here’s how to make sure your passport stays protected when you travel.


Let’s rewind. Before you even head out on your trip, you should make multiple copies of your passport: Copy the page that has your photo and full name on it, and keep these copies in separate places—at the bottom of your bag in different pieces of luggage, or even with different people who may be traveling with you. Leave one copy of your passport at home, with coworkers if on a work trip, and to take extra precautions, leave one with an emergency contact. (In the odd chance that you need to replace your passport, have photos at the ready and bring extras with you, too.)


No matter how nice your hotel may be, it pays to get into the habit of storing your passport in the safe. If there is no safe in your room, ask the front desk if they have a safe in which you can store the document. If all else fails—and you’re staying in an airbnb, hostel, or something you found on a private accommodations site—secure your bag with a travel lock.


When traveling, keeping your passport concealed is almost a no-brainer, but of course, we don’t just mean just carrying it in your pocket and hoping it stays out of sight. Instead, look for a flat money belt, which can be worn around your waist and neck and concealed under your clothing. If you’re looking for something a bit more comfortable, try a travel wallet or passport cover. Both conceal your passport (and nationality), while the travel wallet also has room for other valuables, including credit cards and emergency cash. (Note: Avoid carrying your passport and spending money together if you can, as taking out cash will alert potential thieves.)


When most people think of passport safety, they think of safeguarding it from theft. Weather, however, is another consideration: Humidity can harm the pages, so try to keep it as cool as possible, and to prevent water damage, travel with a waterproof cover. If water damage does occur outside of the U.S., head to the nearest embassy or consulate for a replacement passport—one or two drops of water on a page is fine, but water damage to the book’s cover or the personal information page, including passports with more severe water damage, will have to be replaced.
More info at:


descargaYou’ll need your passport to clear airport security and inmigration, sure. But in instances internationally where you’re asked to present identification, specifically note whether or not the actual passport is required—in most cases, an international driver’s license or copy of your passport will suffice. This helps protect you against would be thieves and scammers, too.

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About Coronado:

It’s a lifestyle that means waking every morning in one of the most beautiful and engaging places on earth...
A legacy of exceptional service awaits you in Coronado at Quivira. Prepare yourself for a lifestyle of sumptuous comfort in one of the world’s most exciting and breathtaking resort destinations, where legendary amenities and services become everyday experiences.

Our unsurpassed staff will not only meet your expectations, but also anticipate your personal requests and preferences.
Once experienced, this gracious style of living will become a habit for life. By taking advantage of the full range of services and amenities, you are free to explore, learn, play and relax more than ever before.

It’s a lifestyle that means waking every morning in one of the most beautiful and engaging places on earth, free from everyday concerns and ready to enjoy boundless memorable and meaningful pursuits.

Coronado offers single level open floor plans with an amazing flow that connects all living areas with the exterior amenities. All sixty nine lots offer majestic panoramic golf and ocean views and are walking distance to the Quivira Beach Club.

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Copala Club House get more info;

When it comes to relaxing take a break in the Copala club house

More info;

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Residencias Montecristo $1556073.68 USD

Situado en lo alto y dominando las vistas al Océano Pacífico en todo su esplendor, las villas de Montecristo Estates se crearon para satisfacer cada una de sus necesidades y deseos.
Este exclusivo fraccionamiento privado, situado en lo alto de la Península, lo envuelve de lujo y le regala impresionantes vistas al mar desde cualquier punto donde se encuentre. En estas haciendas y villas independientes bellamente ubicadas en la ladera, cada sitio lo invita a adentrarse en la hermosa cultura e historia de la región. Su casa lejos de casa abraza cada comodidad posible asegurándole un escaparate grato y memorable en este escenario único y espectacular. Con características de lujo que incluyen su propia piscina infinita y casa club, jacuzzis interiores y al aire libre, exuberantes terrazas, una extensa estancia, apartadas áreas de lectura y vestidores, Montecristo es más que algo ordinario. Disfrute de esta íntima y placentera experiencia que le espera en Montecristo Estates.

3 recamaras 3 baños250.80 m2Lote 458.14

Para asegurarnos de que encuentre una casa que se adapte a sus necesidades y deseos, Montecristo ofrece diferentes tamaños en cada uno de sus lotes, contando con un modelo como pieza maestra. Estos dos niveles 3 y 4 dormitorios, viviendas unifamiliares van desde 250.74 M2 A casi 323.79 M2 De la zona más terrazas exteriores y patios con una gran cantidad tamaños 457.99 M2 A 929.36 M2 De tamaño.

Esta tranquila comunidad cerrada está a sólo 1.600 km de distancia del centro de Cabo San Lucas con su puerto de clase mundial, la pesca deportiva, restaurantes y tiendas. Montecristo está listo para ser entregar seis meses desde la fecha de compra. Nuestro grupo de Pueblo Bonito trae una sólida trayectoria de más de 25 años de experiencia en desarrollo en Cabo y más allá, resistir la prueba del tiempo demostrando ser una casa sólida para la inversión. Ampliamente reconocido como líderes de la industria en México y en todo el mundo, el grupo de gestión y desarrollo de Pueblo Bonito proporciona una base sólida para el futuro. Nuestros arquitectos con formación internacional traen su visión contemporánea a la vida, y nuestros desarrolladores maestros se aseguran de convertir su residencia soñada en una maravillosa realidad.

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Condo for sale $301, 571 Dlls at Tramonti Los Cabos

The uniquely designed residences of Tramonti offer a new experience in Cabo-style living.


Pre-Sale 2 Bed Condo with 2.5 Bathroom, Living area 1413.64 Sq. Ft., Terrace & Balcon 173.23 Sq. Ft., Total Condo 1554.60 Sq. Ft. With garden view and fabulous amenities, providing quality construction and first-world architectural styles most often associated with million-dollar estate homes.

Property Features

The Tramonti Los Cabos Club House 

Access to the Quivira private golf club


fitness center

business center


Lounge areas

Event center 

Private grilling

Tramonti offers attractive financing plans. Customers can finance up to 50% of the property value for up to 12 years. Payments are accepted in Mexican pesos, US dollars and Canadian dollars. An unmatched rate of 0% is offered if paid within two years after receiving the property and one can also apply for financing for up to 12 years with a rate of 7% in US dollars, 8% in Canadian dollars and 9% in Mexican pesos.

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16 de septiembre de 1810 Grito de Dolores


En la noche del 15 al 16 de septiembre de 1810, luego de haber sido descubierta la conspiración de Querétaro, el cura Miguel Hidalgo Costilla y los capitanes Ignacio Allende y Juan Aldama incitan a la población de Dolores (hoy Dolores Hidalgo, en Guanajuato) a levantarse en contra de la las autoridades del Virreinato de la Nueva España, al grito de «¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe! ¡Abajo el mal gobierno! ¡Viva Fernando VII!». Este acontecimiento es conocido como el «Grito de Dolores» y considerado como inicio del proceso de la independencia de México.

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Carlos Jimenez Exclusive Golf properties: CASA ANUI LUXURY

Carlos Jimenez Exclusive Golf properties: CASA ANUI LUXURY: Las casas de lujo y condominios en Copala Los Cabos han sido cuidadosamente diseñados para complementar y mejorar el impresionante ...

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Montecristo The Privates Residences


The Private Residences at Montecristo were built with every luxury in mind. Our Villas include: three spacious bedrooms with their own private bathrooms, a full-size kitchen with appliances, a dining and living room plus a spacious TV room, a private pool and over-sized Jacuzzi, an outdoor grill and terrace with lounge chairs, a fireplace, laundry room, flat-screen TVs, central controls for lighting and entertainment system. Montecristo Residences have their own club house with world class spa, Restaurant, pool area, Bar, exercise facilities, concierge and majestic ocean and golf views.

For more information contact

To ensure that you find a home that will meet your needs and desires, Montecristo offers different lot sizes each one is a master piece model that you can choose. These two level 3 and 4 bedrooms, single family homes range from 2698 sq. ft. to almost 3484 sq. ft. of living area plus exterior terraces and patios with lots sizes 4928 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. in size.
This secluded, gated retreat is just one mile away from the heart of Cabo San Lucas with its world-class marina, fishing, dining and shopping.

Montecristo its ready to be deliver six months from date of purchase.
Our parent group of Pueblo Bonito Brings a solid track record of over 25 years of development experience in Cabo and beyond, withstanding the test of time as a solid home for investment. Widely recognized as industry leaders within Mexico and around the world, the Pueblo Bonito management and development group provides a strong foundation for the future. Our internationally trained architects bring contemporary visions to life, and our master builders ensures our residences are a dream realized.

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FAQ's About Quivira

Where is Quivira located?
Quivira is located on the true southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula in Los Cabos, Mexico, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Scenic foothills provide residents and guests elevated views while creating a sense of privacy and isolation.
Which airports are near Quivira?
The San Jose del Cabo International Airport (airport code SJD) is located approximately 25 miles from Quivira in the town of San Jose del Cabo. This is the recommended airport for those flying commercially.
The Cabo San Lucas International Airport (airport code CSL) is the area's new destination for private planes, which may now fly direct to Cabo from the U.S. The airport includes a new executive jet terminal and is located approximately six miles north of Quivira.

Direct flights to the Cabo area are available from more than 30 major US cities. Most flights from major West Coast and Sun Belt states, such as Arizona, California, and Texas, are just two hours. There are also daily direct flights from cities in the Midwest and Eastern United States, such as New York, Chicago, Cincinnati and Atlanta, making Cabo more accessible than ever.
What are the first residential opportunities available in Quivira?
Quivira will be developed in phases, with residential opportunities in each phase. Phase one of development will offer luxury living at The Residences at Quivira. Initial offerings will include the Ladera Community, with 44 ocean view homes on approximately 1/3-acre lots.
Is Quivira a gated community?
Yes, Quivira is a gated residential resort community. Only authorized individuals will be given entry. All guests will need to be registered in advance with Quivira security to gain access to the community. Once inside the gates of Quivira, each residential community is also gated, with manned security to greet, assist, announce arrivals, and welcome homeowners.
What are the golf opportunities at Quivira?
Cabo is a world-class golf destination, and the golf condominiums and Quivira’s two signature Jack Nicklaus golf courses will be no exception. Residents will have the opportunity to become a member at the 18-hole private course. The other 18-hole course will be a resort course and will be open for play to resort hotel guests and Quivira homeowners. These two courses will offer more ocean-view holes than any other courses in the Cabo area.

The courses are highlighted by a clubhouse and a state-of-the-art practice facility, which will include a driving range with sand traps and putting greens. Both the clubhouse and the practice facilities will feature private areas designated specifically for members.

Quivira will be the only community in Los Cabos with two Jack Nicklaus Signature Courses. Mr. Nicklaus himself is meticulously designing both courses, assuring that the level of play will remain consistent yet challenging from course to course.

Will there be a Quivira Beach Club?
Quivira will have a fun and casual beach club available to all full-ownership homeowners. The beach club will provide pool, fitness and restaurant facilities on the beach and will serve as a community mingling spot. Food and beverages will be available.
What medical services are available nearby?
Within one of the resorts in the development is a private medical clinic with a bilingual doctor on call 24-hours and an onsite ambulance with trained personnel. Medical services, such as Clinica de Especialidades and The AmeriMed hospital, have a bilingual staff, are open 24 hours and are located within five minutes of Quivira. The hospital services include emergency room facilities, obstetrics, gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics, ophthalmology, general surgery, cardiology, plastic and reconstructive surgery. The equipment is modern and includes X-Ray, EKG, cardiac resuscitation, defibrillation, and ultra sound machinery. The hospital has an operating room with operating microscope, and offers complete laboratory services. The hospital also offers 24-hour pharmacy services and complimentary ground transportation for non-critical patients.
Is Quivira a "Green" Community?
Quivira is more than a "green" community; it is a community dedicated to being environmentally, socially and economically responsible. This commitment is a direct result of Ernesto Coppel's vision. Mr. Coppel, Quivira’s developer, began to incorporate sustainable practices into all of his real estate projects years ago.

With Quivira, Mr. Coppel will bring that same commitment to environmental issues through the community’s water desalinization program and water re-cycle program. In addition, Mr. Coppel’s dedication to the local community is evidenced by the creation of many programs that benefit children and the needy.

In 2002, Mr. Coppel, along with the Pueblo Bonito Oceanfront Resorts & Spas development team, created the Turtle Protection Program. Mr. Coppel also spearheaded graffiti clean up in local Los Cabos communities, created the Daily Excess Food Distribution Program in 2003 to provide food to needy residents; and founded the Leticia Coppel Foundation to provide educational opportunities for children in the Los Cabos area.

In addition, Quivira Los Cabos is dedicated to creating a long-lasting, sustainable community that will create jobs and promote development in the area with a direct investment of over $1.5 billion into the local economy.

The most important is the well being and development of all those who make up the family

Letty Coppel Foundation remains that one of its main goals is to always support the needy, as this segment is the most vulnerable and there is no better approach to altruistic policy to help those who need it most. The justification of the actions has been and will continue being the dignified treatment of people. That’s why the commitment of the Foundation Letty Coppel is permanent supporting every one of the actions that bring results in the improvement and well-being in our people and especially those who most in need.

Through experience, in Letty Coppel Foundation we've learned that vulnerability is a complex situation, multiple facets, which can affect people differently. All of them require specific support to overcome seemingly unbeatable conditions. One of our main duties has been  to instrument  projects and working lines based on the consensus and in the balance between the level of their demands and our ability to respond. We hear people, set goals and working together, we achieve results.
We have adopted a new approach to social assistance: family and community perspective. With this orientation we revalue the individual from their family dimension. For Letty Coppel Foundation, the most important is the well being and development of all those who make up the family. so, by the integral growth of each human being, it consolidates the family, the community is strengthened and it invigorates our society. This is the base of the country we all want.

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¿How much can I afford?

We think you should know your financial situation before you approach a lender and borrow accordingly. A 10-year mortgage is preferable. Chart out how high your payments would be at different rates by using @cabogolfproperties.

Once you know what you can afford to pay on the mortgage, you can figure out your housing price range. We recomend.

 What do I need in a community?

We ask buyers to consider how they will get from home to other places. Walking three blocks to a bus stop when it's 10 degrees can be bone-chilling. If you drive, try it before you buy.
Check out potential neighborhoods at different times of day.
"Sure, look at the MLS, see the reports, but walk the neighborhood,"

Am I prepared to be a homeowner?
"Whatever your money attitude is, when you have a home, a lot of your money will go (to it),"
"A lot of your time will be spent dealing with your home."
Make sure you understand what's involved. You should ask yourself before buying if you have good spending habits. If possible, take a homebuyer class in person or online.
If you're ready and buy responsibly, experts say homebuying can still be a wise financial move.
                                "Owning a house is still better than renting"