lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2016

Condo for sale $301, 571 Dlls at Tramonti Los Cabos

The uniquely designed residences of Tramonti offer a new experience in Cabo-style living.


Pre-Sale 2 Bed Condo with 2.5 Bathroom, Living area 1413.64 Sq. Ft., Terrace & Balcon 173.23 Sq. Ft., Total Condo 1554.60 Sq. Ft. With garden view and fabulous amenities, providing quality construction and first-world architectural styles most often associated with million-dollar estate homes.

Property Features

The Tramonti Los Cabos Club House 

Access to the Quivira private golf club


fitness center

business center


Lounge areas

Event center 

Private grilling

Tramonti offers attractive financing plans. Customers can finance up to 50% of the property value for up to 12 years. Payments are accepted in Mexican pesos, US dollars and Canadian dollars. An unmatched rate of 0% is offered if paid within two years after receiving the property and one can also apply for financing for up to 12 years with a rate of 7% in US dollars, 8% in Canadian dollars and 9% in Mexican pesos.

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